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At Invideo, we’re always looking to give our customers the best user experience to empower them to make their best videos. A key aspect of this is their workflow around the timeline

For video editors, the timeline is the most integral aspect of the tool that they use. Users intuitively pinch the touchpad or trackpad that they work on to see if the timeline zoom works. It is such an intrinsic part of their creation workflow, that muscle memory kicks in

However, pinch to zoom on desktop browsers lacks cohesive support. This interaction is not part of any spec, which…

Lactose-free buttery animations

Wax on, Wax off

Long gone are the days where you just wrap your components in ReactTransitionGroups and hope to dear life that your animations chain one after another to get that sweet buttery animation. But now we have the better butter, a buff butter that never buffers (your daily tongue twister from a lovely mister). I am, of course, talking about React Spring. It’s an animation library that emulates spring physics into our app so the animations appear smoother.

I’ve been working on a productivity app, and one thing I’ve wanted to emulate is my use of Post-it notes to keep track of…

Not the kind of split I’m talking about

We’re going to continue looking at different ways to bring down app size. If you haven’t, do check out the introductory blog post on how to code split your app through React Router over here. It explains the fundamentals and internals of what we’re going to delve deeper into in this post.

We’ve already covered splitting code by pages or routes, which can be a great starting point. But sometimes it might prove inadequate for large apps with their ever increasing bundle sizes. And so here we’ll be looking at more detailed strategies to counter this.

Pros and Cons

Before we go further…

One of the benefits of CRA and React is the speed/performance it provides. One of the greatest ways it does so is using Service Workers to cache all static files when deployed in production. This means that every subsequent request to the app resolves much quicker and makes the app seem much smoother.

However at times we want more from our apps. We want to be able to do things like send push notifications to further engage and bring back our users. However there is no out of the box support for extending the default service worker that CRA provides…

One of the main benefits of React, Componentization and Webpack is that content can be loaded on demand when required. However it can be hard to figure out when and how to split code into different chunks for loading.

In this tutorial we’ll look at one of the easiest ways to do it - by the pages in the app. Let’s take an example of an app with Redux to manage app state and React Router for page navigation and routing. Now in this case, before we load any components we need to initialize app state and the Redux Store…

Configuration is a natural evolution of my development cycle. Initially I make software to fit a purpose, and slowly find ways to reuse it outside its sandbox. Invariably as the software evolves, it becomes configurable and extensible.

Dotfiles are a way to keep track of tweaks that you make to your application, to enhance your workflow and productivity. And if you’re like me, you’re looking to maintain these in a way that seems intuitive and simple. We should learn from a field that has solved this problem so well that it is almost second nature: Web Development

The sane way to maintain configurations

So how do…

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I recently joined a Level 1 Workshop on Improv. I‘ve completed 8 sessions, and have a showcase coming up soon. Suffice it to say that I’m incredibly nervous and excited; which is probably the best mixture of emotions.

I just thought I’d share how my journey’s been thus far, in case others are looking to learn about Level 1 and what it’s like.

Why Improv

I have always wanted to try out Improv, for many reasons-

  • I am a huge comedy nerd and I love SNL. …

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